A preform is a precisely designed solder shape, made to define an exact measured quantity of solder to meet a desired application.


Preforms provide many advantages over manual soldering

They deliver the correct amount of solder to the correct area at the correct time.
Preforms do away with the need for manual assembly, inspection and clean up.
Flux coated preforms deliver a consistent amount of flux to the required area.
They are often the only way to solder difficult to reach joints easily.
Preforms designed correctly the first time helps avoid assembly failures later on.
Typically Used Preforms Are
Rectangles Requires length of sides and thickness of the part
Washers Requires outside and inside diameter along with the thickness of the part
Squares Equal length on all four sides along with thethickness of the part
Discs Requires diameter and the thickness
Spheres Require the diameter
Ribbon/Foil/Strip Solder that is rolled into a continuous strip (preforms are stamped out of strip)
Special Shaped Preforms Preforms that are made to the specifications of our customer
How Preforms are Made

Preforms are usually made by stamping solder ribbon/strip that has been rolled to the specific thickness of our customer's application. Array Solders' Tooling and Wire EDM operation allows just about any shape to be fabricated and stamped in house.

Our preforms are made using dies that are designed to meet our customer's specifications. For obvious reasons, the price will depend on the complexity of the preform on the difficulty of making the tooling needed. For a special shaped preform, our Tool & Die department requires a drawing of the part for review before any quote may be extended.

The most commonly used performs are washers, rectangles, squares and discs with changes to their configurations.

Preforms are available plain, flux coated or flux filled.

When Ordering

It is often easiest to estimate the preform size from the dimensions of the parts that are going to be soldered. The dimensions of the preform from the mass of solder consumed in making the solder joint using another manner, like hand soldering.

When your application is in need of flux coated preforms, please keep in mind that the flux is not considered a dimensional part itself. Calculating the required preform volume should be done as with solid preforms.


Array Solders does offer sample preforms to our customers who are still in their evaluation period. We keep a very small amount of preforms on hand for sampling purposes. All we ask is for the customer to pay for the shipping charges. Please keep in mind that we do not keep preforms in stock. Our usually delivery time is 2 weeks after receiving an order. It may be longer if fabrication of tooling is required.

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